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Such a dramatic change results mainly from low fertility rates and low life expectancy on the one hand, and a negative migration balance on the other. This makes it one of the longest commercial streets in the world. Muzeum Sztuki has three branches, two of which ms1 and ms2 display collections of 20th and 21st century art. The newest addition to the museum, ms2 was opened in in the Manufaktura complex. Woodland areas cover 9. The Jewish Cemetery at Bracka Street , one of the largest of its kind in Europe, was established in

Le «hêtre», sans autre précision, est bien employé généralement pour désigner l’espèce Fagus le distinguer le cas échéant des autres représentants du genre Fagus, on peut alors préciser qu’il s’agit du «Hêtre commun» [17].L’appellation «hêtre européen» est en revanche un anglicisme, une traduction littérale de European beech.

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And is closer to the Danish capital of Copenhagen that it is to the Russian mainland. This is the – rather unusual – story of Kaliningrad How did it become part of Russia? Today the area of Kaliningrad Oblast or Kaliningrad region has a population of nearly half a million, with the majority living in the capital of the same name. It became a major port city in the influential region of East Prussia until the end of the Second World War.

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Just a few of the hidden gems still to be found in a region succumbing to mass tourism and the capitalist way. Tuesday, 29 September Russia – Kaliningrad Konigsberg Konigsberg, a Prussian city with an illustrious history of nearly years was amongst the most beautiful in Europe. That was until it was raised to the ground by RAF air raids in and then subsequently during three months of fierce fighting as the Red Army advanced in the spring of Any surviving Germans were killed or deported, Stalin then annexed the territory into The Soviet Union.

In the city’s name was changed to Kaliningrad in honour of Mikhail Kalinin a leading party member and original Bolshevik who had recently died. Stalin populated the city with ethnic Russians; any memory of Konigsberg was airbrushed from history as Stalin wreaked revenge by reconstructing the city in the most insensitive and hideous way possible. Due to its sensitive military nature Soviet Naval base – with the only ice free access to the Baltic Sea in winter Kaliningrad remained a closed city until Even today I had the pleasure in meeting no tourists due to the city’s image and access problems.

Looking north along the vast Leninsky Prospekt 1 Soviet sterotyping Grunen Brucke Green Bridge was one of seven bridges spanning The Pregel River connecting the old city with several islands. Euler famously devised a mathematical puzzle where it was impossible to cross each bridge once and arrive back at the starting point. Grueken Brucke survived the war but was demolished by the Soviets along with Kraemer Brucke Shopkepper Bridge to make way for Leninsky Prospekt as it rises onto stilts below bisecting Kant Island.

This majestic Gothic Cathedral dating back to was left in ruins after World War 2 until German funding helped rebuild it to its former glory during the s.

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East 2 West NewsSource: Graphic content THIS is the horrifying moment a Siberian tiger attacked a young female zookeeper in front of shocked visitors in Russia. The Sun reports the big cat pounced on the woman as she brought food to the animal — but her life was saved by onlookers who shouted and threw things at the beast. The tiger was meant to be contained in another part of its compound when it attacked the zookeeper. Supplied Men even lifted a table and chairs from a nearby cafe, hurling them over the fence to distract the year-old male called Taifun, or Typhoon.

The unnamed woman, from Kaliningrad, was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital and is expected to survive.

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Dispute over location was one of the reason to delay the groundbreaking by many months. A much more serious issue was the abandonment of initial concept as the design firm working on it went bankrupt in Design had to be changed anyway, because building a stadium with retractable roof and planned infrastructure proved beyond financial abilities. Since early estimates put average group stage stadium cost at RUB 10 billion it then went to 15 billion in and later even that amount turned out to be insufficient.

Despite drastic cost-cutting effort the building is now priced at RUB Eventually, after further delays, groundbreaking officially took place on September 11, This is when piling officially began and more than 7, piles are expected to be stuck into the ground in order to provide a stable basis for foundations. Actual stadium structure is expected to begin growing in early The building was initially planned for 45, people with 20, temporary seats and roof that would lower after the temporary zones are dismantled.

However FIFA gave green light to make it much less impressive. With 35, it will be smaller than actual FIFA requirements 40, net capacity , while 10, seats are still planned as temporary.

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Nov 17, Cindy Hello! Thank you kindly for sharing this valuable information. As many others, I’m trying to research my family tree. My grandfather and his family apparently had owned a successful paper mill there. His parents, my great grandparents were supposedly executed and their home turned into a hospital.

Now it is said to be a museum. I would love to learn more of this history, so will continue to pursue your item. As usual, should anyone reading this have any information about this, contact me via the comment form on this site and I will forward it to Cindy. Oct 22, Werner First of all, I want to thank you for this website.

My father, Alfred, was born in Koenigsberg in He, his three brothers and his mother made in out before the very end.

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Kaliningrad, which has a population of just under 1million, plays an important role in the maintenance of the Russian Baltic fleet. The CCTV towers will will monitor the border between Poland and Kaliningrad, where Moscow recently announced they are set to place state-of-the-art Iskander missiles When neighbouring countries Poland and Lithuania joined the EU in May , strict border controls were imposed. Moscow has proposed visa-free travel between Kaliningrad and the EU several times, but the motions have been rejected.

The new border watchtowers will be erected at a time when tension around the Baltic Sea is reaching new heights. Last month, Swedish Air Force and NATO jets tracked four Russian combat aircraft – two long-range, nuclear-capable Tu M3 bombers and two Sukhoi Su fighters – flying with their transponders turned off in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

Last month, Russian military maneuvers that spread from the Arctic to the Black Sea involved 80, troops, about navy ships and more than aircraft.

Всичко започна през месец септември тази година (ма). Запознахме се тук в с моята половинка.

Germany in secret talks with Russia to take back Konigsberg Russia’s Baltic enclave was captured by the Red Army and renamed Kaliningrad in German officials confirmed last week that the idea of a trade deal with the European Union, a proposal that would effectively return the territory to Berlin’s sphere of influence, was “floated” during a private visit to Moscow earlier this month by Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. It came up as he discussed the contentious issue of Russia’s debt to Germany with President Vladimir Putin.

As part of a deal aimed at persuading Moscow to break the deadlock over repayments, Mr Schroder has agreed to provide German help in securing an “association agreement” between the EU and the economically crippled enclave. Moscow has made it clear that its faltering economy means that it is in no position to repay all its debt to Berlin.

Instead, it has offered Germany equity stakes in Russian companies – a development which, if fully implemented, could give Germany unprecedented influence over Russian economic policy. Related Articles Putin denies Kaliningrad nuclear arms reports 08 Jan If realised, the proposals for Kaliningrad would make Germany the dominant economic player in its former Baltic stronghold which, until now, had been considered irrevocably consigned to Russia.

East Prussia, with its capital Konigsberg, was captured by the Red Army in the spring of The area, which is about the size of Northern Ireland, is on the Baltic coast, bordered by Lithuania and Poland and without direct access to Russia. Any suggestion publicly that Germany may be attempting to reclaim “East Prussia” continues to be politically and diplomatically taboo, particularly as Germany has officially declared “Prussian Year” and is involved in a comprehensive reappraisal of the former German state that was disbanded by the Second World War victors in Chancellor Schroder has therefore passed on the idea of an association agreement for Kaliningrad to the EU’s current Swedish Presidency.

Story behind Russian city of Sovetsk rediscovered